Monday, October 20, 2008

Funny Video: How We Got into This Mess

If you need a good morning laugh and you're wondering exactly how we got into this financial mess, check out this informative video.* It is an interview with “investment banker” George Parr who guides us from crisis inception starting with the story of “an unemployed black man sitting on his crumbling porch somewhere in Alabama.” From there, Wall Street brokers step in and the situation quickly escalates culminating with the fall of the global capital markets. Mr. Parr does a great job of dissecting the forces behind the credit crisis and makes it so easy to comprehend that even your great auntie from Poughkeepsie should have no problem understanding it.

The video is very funny making the subject matter easy to swallow. Unfortunately, I wish there was a cure for the malady itself that is as palatable. Enjoy!

*My thanks to surfer-girl Mel for emailing me the video link.
FYI: The video comes with Spanish subtitles.

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